donegal web design responsive

Look good on your Mobile or get over-looked.

You should already have a mobile / tablet responsive website for your business right……right? If not, read on. If you don’t have a responsive design you are running the risk of losing potential business mainly because visitors will lose patience…

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ie domain information

The Benefits of the .ie Domain

What is the .ie domain? It is the country code Top Level Domain (TLD) for Ireland. Why use it? The .ie domain has a trusted link with Ireland. There are many pros for choosing a .ie domain for your business;…

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web design inishowen

More than a Pretty Website

I have a brand new spankingly gorgeous website, job done! Wrong. Job just starting! If you are a business owner, what was your reason for having a website? To attract new custom and turn current customers into returning customers. You…

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small business big website

Small Business, Big Website

OK, so you may be a small business when standing against the big boys out there but that doesn’t mean you have to portray yourself as the poor cousin when it comes to your web presence. It’s time to punch…

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dont get stuck with a poor website

Don’t get stuck with a site that sucks!

Ok so you have a website. Great! Has it proved successful? Have you at the very least received enough business via your site that it has covered the cost of it’s initial development? If your answer is no, then do…

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get fresh

Get Fresh! Time to bin your stagnant website.

More often I am being approached by possible clients who have an old creaky, stagnant website. Possibly built by a well meaning relative or friend which even with their best intentions may look rather amateurish, or by an unknown developer…

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donegal web designers social media

Tweets to return on Google Results

Google will soon have access again to Twitter following a recent deal by the two companies. Check out the details at source Bloomberg. In the next few months you will probably notice tweets in Google’s search results in real-time. Before…

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budget web design promotion

Promote Your Business On A Budget

Whether you are launching a new business or trying to promote your current business and have little or no budget to speak of, then here are a few tips that may prove useful. Let’s start with the obvious Social Media….

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social media and branding packages ireland

Website V Social Media

We all love Social Media! Facebook, Twitter etc. It’s free and it can attract and engage with possible future customers quickly. You can aggregate all your pictures and you-tube videos in a neat little collection. You can create company events…

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responsive web design donegal

Why you need a responsive design

Design and development should always compliment each other and respond to whichever device your visitor is accessing your website from. If your site is not responsive to mobile and tablet then you will lose visitors. Don’t annoy your visitors by…

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wp cms

The Power Of WordPress

Long gone are the days that saw WordPress as a simple blogging platform. Over the years it has grown into a powerful Content Management System with the capbalibilty to expand and adapt to some of the most complex web driven…

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The Machine is Us/ing Us

Although this video is now several years old, it seems to become more relevant as time goes on. As an old school coder, learning HTML back in the 90’s, through my Java, Php and Cobol days; through my years as…

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